Saturday, September 6, 2014

The World Has Enough 'Smart' People

This week our son started school.  The teacher sent home a form to fill out asking some basic information about our son.  It also asked about their likes/dislikes, etc.  One of the questions was something like, "What are your goals for your child this year at school?"  I said I'd like for him to make friends and be kind and respectful to others.

Maybe this makes me a huge failure as a parent.  I don't particularly care if he learns more math or reads on a level above his grade.  The world has enough 'smart' people.  How about we grow some kind people?  Those who truly know what empathy is and treat others with respect.  Those who judge less and love more.

Maybe my kids will never excel at math, science or english.  Maybe they won't even go to college.  And ya know what?  I'd be OK with all that.  I just hope they learn to be kind. To show compassion and understanding.  I pray I can show them how.