Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dear Christian Who is Praying for An Infant to Adopt (from Adoptee Restoration)

Adoptee Restoration: Dear Christian Who is Praying for An Infant to Adopt:

I read this today and posted it on FB.  Which then lead to a number of my "Adoption Friends" re-posting it.  I am so blessed to have friends from all points of the adoption triad.  I by no means understand it all, but I *know* that having the experience of adoptees, birth parents (particularly birth mothers) and other adoptive parents has really helped me to grow in how I understand and see and educate others about adoption.
Anyway, that is not what this was supposed to be about!

One post led to a few women commenting on being judged for wanting to adopt, etc. etc.  I get that it is kinda weird that I, as an adoptive parent, would agree with what the author says.  But you know what? It shouldn't be weird at all.  We are all as adoptive parents a parent at the expense of someone else.  There is and will be, pain and loss and questions.  All we can do is pray that we have the empathy and grace to answer the questions from our kids when they come...

We do not live in a perfect world, it is broken and not at all what God intended. I believe adoption as we currently see it is our human answer to a problem that is bigger than us. But in no way to do I see adoption as "God ordained", even as an adoptive parent. I see it is a meager attempt to solve the problems of a broken world.