Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I wish I still had time to blog...

... it has been so long since I have updated here and I hate that.  I really enjoyed this blog and those I have "met" through it!  I am hoping to pick things up again soon but perhaps on a different site.  Last you heard we were moving and we have.  We moved to Philadelphia, PA in the summer of 2012.  It was a crazy wild experience as the only job that worked out for me was the lowest paying but... I LOVE IT.  God knew right where I needed to be.

I began working in July as an Adoption/Permanency Social Worker for kids in PA's foster care system.  It has been such an amazing and eye-opening experience and something I've dreamed of doing.  Honestly, we thought we could never afford for me to (I took a 50% pay cut from my last position) to do it and have been amazed at how things have come together.  No, we sure ain't rich by the world's standards, but our bills are paid and we have a roof over heads.

Anyway, the new blog would focus on my adventures in adoption and foster care and what I am learning/seeing/experiencing.  There are so many misnomers and myths about foster care.  I really want to start a dialogue on how the majority are just not true.

Would you read a blog like this?

Hope all are well in blog land!

Be blessed today,