Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes the WWW is good.

We often get "down" on the internet and how it has made things less personal, how it can take time away from "real" people in your life, how there is too much easy access to crap that rots your brain (well, can't argue with that one), etc. etc.

But today something really good happened. It actually transpired over the last few days. The internet drew people together, not apart. We all wanted to do something good for someone. Someone hardly any of us even really "knows" IRL (-In Real Life- See? Internet speak. Fun, huh?). But someone we all had followed on a long, winding, annoying, frustrating, journey to be a mom finally became one. Someone who showed patience and grace in her wait. She showed us all a bit about how much you can long for a child but not demand one. How you can wait, and wait, and wait and still endure without giving up.

So across the internet and across many miles a bunch of us who only know one another through @ signs on Twi.tt.er had a baby shower for Lisa. So thanks, Lisa, for drawing us together (and thanks to Jayden too!). We learned a lot from you and we hope you enjoy your gifts!


Von said...

Wonderful too for reunions of adoptees and parents who might otherwise never meet because of America's harsh legislation.

Waiting Lisa said...

Awwwww, I just saw this for the first time. My husband has off from work this afternoon so he has Jayden and I was doing some blog catching up. I was reading through old posts and came across this. Thank you. This was so nice to read. It means so much to me.