Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The internet, our kids, and TMI

This post could also be titled, "Why I Don't Smatter My Kid's Pictures on the Internet (anymore) :-/".

There is a very fine line for sure when we share about our kids in a public setting.  When KJ first came home I was overly excited to post his picture and splattered him all over my blog.  Over the past couple of years I have taken a stricter stance in sharing my kids' images.  I've become very wary of what is shared on my public blog because, let's be honest, there are some seriously creepy people out there.  Not only that, but divulging too much information (TMI) can be dangerous.  

There are blogs I follow where I know the family's last name, their children's (and their) first names, the town they live in (or general vicinity), etc., etc.  Hello?!  Do people not realize this information is something you really don't want to share with the general public.  Especially the creepy creepers who hang out online?  Child trafficking is a real thing, folks.  Don't post a map leading them directly to your children!

Faceb-ok is a bit different (to me, anyway).  You know who exactly is looking (if you set your privacy controls right).  Friends there who don't know me IRL know my last name there (obviously) but I also know theirs.  On my blog someone can look and I'd never know.  I used to use my full name on Twi*ter but recently changed that too.

Let me let you in on another little secret.  If you post an email address for use in contacting you from your Bl*gger profile, when someone hovers over it, they can see your email address without ever contacting you.  If your last name is in your email address, well, now we all know it.

Maybe I am being overly cautious or whacky.  But whatever.  In this case it is definitely better to be safe than sorry.


Debbie B said...

I've been considering changing our names on the blog for this reason. I'm not ready to stop sharing pictures but feel I need to take some privacy measures. It hadn't dawned on me that my email is why people how people know my last name. Thanks for the tip.

Von said...

So very glad you've decided to be sensible and protect kids.For me it also extends to photos of other people's kids and don't forget the ones on your header!
If people must share photos of kids make it side on or back photos not full face on and especially not on the potty shots!