Monday, June 21, 2010

New Design.

Do you like the new blog design??  Lisa over at Little-Did-I-Know did it for me.  It is part of her adoption fundraiser and I was happy to help out.  I think it is super cute!

On the family front... I got a text from N's first mom on Saturday!  I was so excited and happy to see her name pop up at the end of the text.  I haven't heard from her since we left their home state.  Through each letter I sent I put my cell number at the bottom.  Letting her know that if she were ready and wanted to she could call or text me anytime.  I am so glad she took me up on the offer.  I hope we keep in contact. 

1 comment:

Debbie B said...

Love the look!
How exciting to get a message from her. That's wonderful.