Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey blog land!

Sorry again for the massive blog break.  Things here in our household have been just shy of nutzo!  The move went well and we are almost fully settled in.  We decided to go super minimalist in our move and got rid of A LOT of stuff that we had not even seen in years.  We lived in our house for four years and there were some things that never even made it out the basement.  Now why oh why were we holding onto these things???  I think we all have stuff like that, things we think we'll need *someday* and you find you never really do.

I also wanted to share this information from Nightlight Embryo Adoptions.  They are looking for families to adopt multi-ethnic embryos.   I admit, embryo adoption used to freak me out, think Sigourney Weaver in Alien... yah, that.  Anyway, the idea has grown on me a bit lately and I don't think "Alien" anymore.  Not saying it is for our family, but maybe it is for yours!  Something to consider... Just click on the link below.

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