Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun Filled Summer.

It has already been such an awesome summer and it's not even July yet!  Since I am still using my FMLA I am only working three days a week.  This leaves me four days in a row to enjoy my sweet family.  It has been wonderful.  There have been so many adjustments to our life lately (new baby, new job, new house - aren't you only supposed to do one of those things at a time???) that it has been such a blessing for me to have this time to help us all adjust.

This past Thursday I took the kids to Asbury Park.  They have an awesome new splash area for little ones and KJ had the best time.  I have a dear friend who is here from out-of-state waiting on their ICPC so they were able to join us.  It was so great.  I know I don't usually share pics of the kids on this blog but I had to put this one of KJ enjoying the water with his little friend C.

I spent many summers at Asbury Park as a kid.  Our church had events at nearby Ocean Grove.  I love it there and it brought back lots of good memories.  I hope you are having an awesome summer too!