Saturday, May 8, 2010

Many things...

On top of bringing home our baby girl last month, we are also moving in just two weeks from now.  I've been a bit overwhelmed to say the least.  I have taken 6 full weeks off of work and that has been a blessing.  I go back a week from this Monday for three days a week and will return to full time in mid-June.  I'm very thankful that FMLA allows me to do it this way. It provides a nice transition for our family and helps with the move!

We actually sent KJ to my in-laws in Philly for the weekend because I could not get him out from under my feet!  It is sweet that when I am home all he wants is "mama, mama, mama" but it makes it nearly impossible to pack anything.  ND, of course, stayed with us.  I'm not ready to part for an overnight with my little princess just yet.  It took over a year before we left KJ with our family overnight so we could enjoy a weeks vacation for our anniversary.  All I did was talk about him for the first 2 days!  Not so romantic.

We have not yet sold our house but to be honest we don't care if we do.  We are going to do a deed in lieu if we are unable to complete a short sale.  Our first stab at homeownership has been - FAIL.  LOL  Once Kev got laid off things just went south.  I now have a better paying job, but it's an hour away and the bank has been very UNhelpful in assisting us in getting a manageable payment.  What they don't tell you in all this Hope for Homeowners nonsense is that your bank has to CHOOSE to participate and only certain types of loans backed by certain banks are eligible.  Well, needless to say we did not meet any of the criteria and are basically out on our butts.  We got a GOOD loan in 2006, not a flexible rate or balloon mortgage.  A normal 30-year fixed rate and we are still screwed.  Oh well, we've survived and God has taken good care of us.  A smudge on our credit is the least of our worries right now.  We are renting a townhouse style apartment closer to where I work, only 6.7 miles to be exact!  I can't wait for the shorter commute, more time with my precious family, and saying goodbye to the stress of owning this house.  I am perfectly content to let someone else pay to fix everything and provide my utilities!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mini blog break.

I'll be back soon!  Just taking some time to enjoy our new daughter. :)  I am off work for 6 weeks and honestly I do most of my blogging there.  LOL  No time when I'm home 24/7. 

See you all soon!