Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down to the wire.

Babe #2 is due in about ten days and we still have not heard from some of the grants that we applied for.  I am not stressing, actually, because we know it is in God's hands.  We have been very, very, very blessed already in this second adoption journey as friends and family have stepped forward to partner with us monetarily to fund this adoption with NO DEBT. 

We already received a small grant from a new foundation called the Foundation for Hope and Grace.  I encourage you to visit their site and learn more about them. Bill and Teresa have such awesome hearts for the Lord and for adoption.  They began their foundation out of a tragic loss of one of their adopted daughters but what wonderful things have come of that tragedy!

I'll keep you updated!


rlvd said...

10 days- OH MY GOODNESS!!!

Praying for everyone

Glenna Marshall said...

It's been a while since I last checked in on your progress and I had no idea you'd been matched! Definitely will be praying for your family and for the expectant family.

Looking forward to updates! :D