Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Update.

Quick update. . .
I am at a conference and haven't had much time to update. We have decided, after much soul-searching, to sign on with a very reputable agency in our area. I am pooped and Kev is sick of hearing about it! We are NOT stepping completely out of the private realm, but we feel very confident that this is a good decision for us. It will take pressure off of me to continue to search out places where we can meet a need and racking my brain over it everyday.

I know that the Lord is smiling on this decision. I have spoken to two staff members, the Director of the domestic program and the Assistant Director, and both expressed the need for a family like ours that is
already trans-racial. They have had many e-moms coming through their doors who are African American and prefer to place with a black family. When that is not available, a family like ours is next best. Their child will have a sibling who is also black. We want this so badly for KJ too that it only seems fitting that we should meet this need.  We are already registered with their ASAP (Special Needs) program, this just takes it a step further.

We went to an orientation with this agency back in April of 2009 and loved what they had to say. They reiterated that they were there to help the women find a way to parent and only when that is not possible, after all avenues have been explored, do they look to adoption.

So away we go!  Here is a link to the agency.  Don't want it to show up in searches, so I am not typing it out. ;)


Leah said...

Sounds like you guys made a great step for your family. That is wonderful! It's so important to be with an agency you really like and it sound slike you found that.

Debbie B said...

That's great. So glad you like the agency and hoping things start moving for you.