Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two updates. One month.

We finally got our certification papers from the state of New York earlier this week.  Kind of funny since we have already been "matched" twice since November.  Anyway, the certification allows us to take a child into our home at any time whether of not it is through an agency.  New York is whack in terms of it's adoption laws, but this is a good one.  If you are doing a private adoption (no agency) you must be "certified" by your county.  This involves fingerprints and all the clearances, etc.  It is good for up to eighteen months so now I am estimating how many kids we can adopt between now and July 2011... Hmmm...

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Debbie B said...

I love that; how many kids in 18 months. I see myself saying something similar. :-)
By the way, you've made me never want to move to NY with all the adoption laws.