Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I rock the crock pot.

I love my crock pot. No joke.  And now I have two.  One 5 quart and one 7.  I asked for a bigger one for Christmas this year. The crock pot is the best friend of the working woman.  It is also her husband's best friend because it cuts down on his cooking contribution.  (Yes, we split the "household duties" in this here house.)

For dinner tomorrow I am preparing (tonight, ahead of time) Cheesy Enchilada Chowder.  I have not made this one before and it could be interesting.  We shall see.  I prep everything the night before and then pop the pot in the fridge.  Kev then starts it up at the right time tomorrow. 

One of my fave sites for crock pot recipes is Crockpot365.  She blogged a new recipe every day for a year and is still going.  You should check it out!


Melba said...

Thanks for the great blog recommendation! I've been wanting an easy way to find new recipes for the crock pot and this is the golden ticket...


HMK said...

Oooh, thanks for the crockpot site... I love my crockpot too but I need more recipes! :)