Monday, October 19, 2009

Matching Mondays!

I have decided to take the Matching Monday Challenge from the lovely Mrs. R over at the r house!  I will specifically be featuring waiting children from my area, the East Coast.  Each Monday I will list some kids who are waiting for their forever home with a link to a page where you can find out more information about them.  I hope that through this venture some child may find his or her forever family!

Without further adieu...

This is Andrew:

Precious newborn Andrew is looking for a family who will be committed to helping him overcome hurdles he will face in life. This sweet little boy of Asian decent is legally free for adoption and needs a very special family to call his own. Andrew loves being cuddled and held and a soft touch eases him into contentment. He is soothed by listening to gentle voices and watching the world go by.


Georganna is described by her worker as “creative and unique.” She likes expressive dance and participating in church activities. Georganna also enjoys listening to music, taking walks and singing. In 9th grade special education classes, her favorite classes are art and music.  Georganna is 14 years old.


Jamill is quite a loveable youngster. His big eyes and broad smile seem to light up whenever there is any kind of movement or sound. He loves playing with matchbox cars and watching cartoons. Jamill is diagnosed with severe autism and has significant delays in language and motor skill development. Currently, Jamill resides in a residential program where his teachers consider him a pleasure to instruct.  Jamill is 11 years old.


If Davion had his way, he would spend all his time playing outdoors! He is a creative, expressive child who needs to be in a loving home environment with a family that provides a lot of structure and consistency. Besides enjoying the outdoors, Davion loves going to church with his foster family. He is a youngster who is shy at first around strangers, but once he warms up to them, he’s the life of the party! A family for Davion must have a lot of patience and understanding of his need to learn how to form secure attachments with adults.  Davion is 5 years old.



Debbie B said...

What a wonderful idea.

Goosegirl said...

Oh Andi, I wish I could grab those children and bring them home to me. I pray that their parents see them and are compelled to begin the adoption process to bring them home.