Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adoption Blahs.

Lately I have become increasingly frustrated with the adoption process.  Mainly because of the state in which we reside.  The laws are bogus and dumb and apparently no one cares.

So basically I am going to have to put our profile on one of the cheesy parent profile type sites. (Long story behind this but not much time to explain right now.  I will in another post though.)  I say "cheesy" because honestly if a woman is thinking about adoption for her child she should seek out a professional and let's be honest... at first most of us didn't know squat about adoption or adoption ethics and even now that I do I am freaked about a woman contacting me directly. (Run-on sentence much?) I would feel horrendously horrible if she didn't get proper counseling or was not really informed about her decision.  (Not that adoption professionals can't be super jerks too...)  But we are pretty much trapped at this point unless we sign with a NY agency or one that can place in NY (there are only 13 nationally outside of NY, btw.)

I'm just a girl tryin' to do right by a babe who might need us... is that too much to ask?  Sometimes adoption sucks.



Leah said...

It is such a frustrating process, I know. The whole process actually keeps me up some nights. Here's hoping the process starts going a bit smoother.

Debbie B said...

Agreed! Sorry it's proving to be a tough road. This too shall pass and you'll hold your next little one sooner then you expect.