Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have recently become very obsessed with this site.  It is a "special needs" program here in NYC that we are registering with once we receive the final copy of our updated home study.  I feel very led to the kids through this program because they are so "difficult to place".  (Lots of quotes here.  I don't like labels.)

I truly hope that we can be a family to a child through this program.  There are many unknowns with most of these cases but I know that the Lord will guide us to where he would want us to go.  A life lived in safety and monotony is no life at all.  (My husband is reading this and wanting to tell me to shut up right about now.)  So anyway.  I hope that you will visit the site, maybe even share it with friends.  Spread the word.  There are more than just the children on here who need a special place to call home.

PS I finished our profile today.  Movin' right along!



Kristy said...

I am obsessed with this site too :-)

HMK said...

Yeah Andi, yeah Andi... go go go Andi! :D

Kit&Mike said...

That's awesome that you've connected with Spence-Chapin. They're supposed to be great! I tend to check out that site periodically too. The little ones are so adorable!