Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Fund Raiser.

So I began this post on Monday and am just getting around to putting it up now!  This week has been so busy thus far, but busy is always better than bored.  Right?

We have some shirts we are selling in support of our adoption.  They are really cool shirts designed by a friend of mine.  More than 60% of the sale price will go directly to our adoption fund!

The site for purchase is:  You can use Checkout or Pa.yPal to pay!

Feel free to pass this on and share with friends!



Our Growing Family said...

let me know how the fundraising works out. we are trying to think creatively about financing our second adoption.

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing, we have grown children from different families but together the last 10 years had also considered possibly adopting a child. I'll add a link back to you from our family blog if its ok?
Nice to meet you and congrads!
Deb & John