Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Fund Raiser.

So I began this post on Monday and am just getting around to putting it up now!  This week has been so busy thus far, but busy is always better than bored.  Right?

We have some shirts we are selling in support of our adoption.  They are really cool shirts designed by a friend of mine.  More than 60% of the sale price will go directly to our adoption fund!

The site for purchase is:  You can use Checkout or Pa.yPal to pay!

Feel free to pass this on and share with friends!


Monday, September 21, 2009

God's Goodness.

I just had to stop today and write a bit about God's goodness to us thus far in this second adoption process.

I went to bed last night wracking my brain for how we were going to raise the money for this adoption.  We do not want nor desire to go any further into debt for this, but at the same time know that we are doing what God wants us to do at this time in our lives.  I am not one of immeasurable faith.  I would say I am about average. Maybe a bit more of a worrier than some, but not more than most women that I know. (We do tend to worry a lot as women.)  I know that God takes care of us and that He would provide in this as well.

I have worked hard on scouring the internet for ideas and resources ( a lot of which ended up being "loans" for adoption, not what we want ) and did find some really good ideas.  Some, however, have been used so much by others that I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. But we are going to do a yard sale (can't ever have too many yard sales!) and I plan to apply for a couple of grants.  We didn't get any last time but you never know.  Also I put the call out on Facebook for help and ideas and was touched by the responses I got.

And sure enough, God came through in yet another way.  This morning when I came to work I had an email from a colleague who will donate some print services for T-Shirts that we'll be selling.  Another friend donated his time and created a really cool logo for us that will be printed on the shirts.  It was really an answer to prayer. So keep an eye out.  The shirts will be on sale from this site shortly!

And... because God never stops at just one good thing, I wrote to our attorney today about retaining her services.  Even if we do take placement from "special needs" program or from out-of-state she will be needed to guide us through and do our finalization.  And we still want to work with her as a "back up".  Of course the cost of retaining her concerned me.  Lawyers aren't cheap!  Lo and behold she isn't charging us a retaining fee, just the fee for court certification.

Hello?!  Are you listening?  Look at what God can do.  Don't underestimate His ability to work through YOUR circumstances.  Things will still be tight for us.  We'll still need to work hard to save and raise money.  But today I am not discouraged but encouraged.  And... one more thing... I got my first donation on our little Chip In/PayPal button!  God is good!  Yay!

LORD, I have heard of your fame;
       I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD.
       Renew them in our day,
       in our time make them known;
       in wrath remember mercy.  

Habakkuk 3:2


Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have recently become very obsessed with this site.  It is a "special needs" program here in NYC that we are registering with once we receive the final copy of our updated home study.  I feel very led to the kids through this program because they are so "difficult to place".  (Lots of quotes here.  I don't like labels.)

I truly hope that we can be a family to a child through this program.  There are many unknowns with most of these cases but I know that the Lord will guide us to where he would want us to go.  A life lived in safety and monotony is no life at all.  (My husband is reading this and wanting to tell me to shut up right about now.)  So anyway.  I hope that you will visit the site, maybe even share it with friends.  Spread the word.  There are more than just the children on here who need a special place to call home.

PS I finished our profile today.  Movin' right along!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Cost of Adoption - Guest Blogger Kelly

Last week my blog buddy, Kelly, wrote a great post on the cost of adoption and people being nosy jerks.I asked her if I could "Guest" blog her here so others could see it.  I think it says a lot about just how bold people can be!

You see, if you can get pregnant no one bats an eye at how you will pay your medical expenses or the cost of having another child.  BUT if you are adopting all of the sudden your financial situation is the world's business somehow.  We have not personally dealt with infertility but I can't imagine how painful this must be for someone who has.  It's just thoughtless and no ones business!  Even in our case people wonder why we don't "just get knocked up" - after all insurance would pay for that and life would be hunky dory, right?  Well, that is not what God has led us to.  And it's really no ones business to say otherwise.  OK, enough of my rant.  Without further adieu... Kelly... (hope you don't mind, Kell.  I stole your picture too!)

Feeling a bit irked
It's seems like no matter what you do, adoption is cloaked in financial issues.

I've been told that perhaps we shouldn't adopt if can't afford it. I know I'm not the only one to be told this. It's a pretty common response, I guess.

When we brought Nathan home, and when we were in the process to adopt, people asked about the money quite a bit. I don't mind being asked, since I don't have anything to hide. But then something clicked in me this week.

I listen to Dave Ramsey a couple of times a week. Not all the time, and usually only if I'm in the car in the afternoon. I love his common sense aproach to money, and his advice has helped us get out of debt.

The reason I mention him, is I heard a call a couple of months ago about adoption. The lady was in a similar financial situation as us, and was looking at a loan to adopt. He told her that he never supports debt. Then this week he told a caller to put off getting out of debt to have a baby. His reason was there is never a "perfect" time to start a family. I agree with him, really. But this is what got me thinking.

When you get pregnant, you have insurance to cover most if not all of the costs. Pregnancy/Labor & Deliver cost a pretty penny. A friend of mine told me that her portion of it all was right up there with our adoption loan.

So why then do people feel the need to look down on adopting parents? Should I go around asking people if they can afford their hospital bills? Should I tell them not to get pregnant because they might need an emergency C-Section & haven't budgeted for that? No, I would never dream of telling people that.

I guess I am tired of feeling like a second class citizen in this parenting world.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Study Update.

We had our home study update today and are feeling really good about it. The social worker we hired came to our house and spent about an hour here. It was really laid back and not stressful at all. I am just glad it is over. We've been back and forth so much on how we going to do things this time I am just glad that a real start has been made!

We still have a lot of saving and fund raising to do. But we know that we will be led in the right direction and that we have a great support system of family and friends.

I still have to finish our profile book since the one we used last time obviously needs a lot of updating since KJ is here now. I am not nearly as nutty about rushing to get everything done like I was the first time! It is a nice feeling to just be a lot more laid back about it this time. I know that when our child is ready to be brought to us that God will make that happen. All my rushing and crazy behavior won't change that.

We will be registering with this program through Sp.enc.e-Ch.apin Adoption Services. Since we are already open to so many of the things on their list, we knew it was a good match for us. We are still going to be working with our attorney as a "back up" couple as well.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! More updates to come as they happen.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Back in the swing of things.

After a lovely week off it will soon be time to get back to reality.  Not my favorite thing, but necessary I guess.  We had a great time with our family camping last week.  I will post some more pics once I get some from our family.  Mine all seemed to turn out badly.  Here is a fun one though of us on a huge Adirondack chair.  You never know what you'll find in central Pennsylvania!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


KJ and the hammock. He loves it, but rolls off all the time! Oops. Camping is fun!

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