Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road to #2: the meeting.

Today was the "big day".  We went and met with the adoption attorney this afternoon after I got off of work.  We met for about an hour and a half and received lots of good info.  She gave us this big binder with all kinds of information and paperwork (of course).  Unfortunately there is not much exciting to report here.  It was just a pretty matter-of-fact event. 

We cannot begin to be considered for situations or anything until our homestudy gets updated and in NY (of course, stupid extra laws) we have to be "certified" by our county to be adoptive parents since it would be considered a private adoption.  Price tag for that extra little piece of paperwork? -- $1,000.  So I guess I need to get my butt in gear and begin listing more stuff on eBay.

We also spoke about situations that I (I don't say Kevin because he doesn't scour the internet like I do) hear about online or through email.  She will be able to find out "the real deal" with these and act as our advocate. Which I think is FABULOUS.  I don't know the right questions to ask nor do I know the laws in every state.  So friends out there, who I know are reading this, please keep us in mind if you hear of a difficult-to-place situation at your agency or one you hear of privately.  We want to help! 

So tomorrow I begin calling around to get our homestudy updated.  She did recommend someone who could do it for us and is very thorough.  I hope she doesn't charge too much... We shall see!

Sorry for the non-stimulating post.  But I promised to keep you all in the loop and I am! :)



Melba said...

Exciting...sounds like things are moving right along!


Debbie B said...

I see some on yahoo boards all the time. I'll try to remember to mention them to you if I see them. I'm sure you're on some of the same boards I am though.
Have fun with the paperchasing!!