Monday, August 3, 2009

Life Choices, Life Lessons.

I recently posted on my Fa.ceboo.k page that "being a wife and mom ain't as easy as it looks." And that is very true. But I feel I must clarify. I LOVE being married to Kevin. I don't say it much because I just think it's mushy love nonsense and he knows and that's what counts. We just aren't those kind of people. You won't catch us mushing all over one another or doing some spectacular romantic thing for each other. We're just not like that. The thing I love most about "us" is that we are real. The both of us. No crap here. No sugar-coating. What you see is what you get. Love us or leave us. Want the truth? The real truth? Ask us. You will get it.

So the real truth? I am glad I waited to be married. And I am glad I waited to be a mom. I did not get married until 30 and we decided to bring a child into our family when I was 33. When KJ came to us I was 34. So the advice I give to every young couple I am close to... wait, wait, wait honey. Life is short but better to be sure than to mess it up! There was so much that we learned about each other during the years we waited to begin a family. I truly CANNOT imagine putting a child into the mix of what is the early years of a marriage. We are not perfect, nor have we gotten it all right. But we had that time to dedicate to one another and I am so glad we did. The Lord really showed us during that time how we fit together as a couple and even what we wanted for a future family. (Although now I am a bit more interested in a larger number of children than Kevin is... I'll win him over yet!) ;-)

I used to think 34 was old... ha ha ha! But I'm just getting started! Can't wait to see what the next 34 bring because now I'm ready. And all this was certainly worth waiting for...


Debbie B said...

We were 26 & 28 when we got married. While I have often wished we could have met and married sooner I'm always glad that we did know what we wanted when we met so it was an easy time getting to know each other and falling in love.

I also wish we had been able to have a child sooner but now that I'm a parent I'm glad that we had those years together. You are right in that adding a child to the first years of marriage would only make things harder on everyone. It's hard enough without being newlyweds.

Holly said...

Awww Andi, that picture of you three is wonderful. Ben says his max # of kids is 3, but I'm hoping after 3 (if I wait long enough) he'll agree to one or two more. :)