Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adoption Fund.

I have added an Adoption Fund widget to my side bar. To start I've only put the money we will need to get our homestudy updated and go through the NY state certification process. If anyone wants to chip in, that's great! But we certainly don't expect it. I am keeping track here (via the widget) of the money we have saved or earned toward this adoption. I hope this will encourage others who are looking to adopt, but think it is too costly, to see what it does actually cost. We want to be transparent in this process.

So here is the initial breakdown thus far:

1: $350 to update our prior home study.
2: $1,000 to have our attorney certify us as adoptive parents through the courts.

I have been selling items on eBay (I have 2 listed right now) and have put aside a very small amount to start. I opened a savings account online that is separate from our bank. Better interest rate and harder to access unless we REALLY need the money!

I hope this info is helpful. Have a blessed day all!


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Our Growing Family said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. We are a transracial family and also hoping to start adoption #2 soon... but finances are tight. We are still paying the loan from the first one. I wouldnt jump in so soon, but I really want Payton to have a playmate close to him in age. Let me know if you think of something clever for fundraising...
Diana (