Thursday, May 7, 2009

World AIDS Orphan Day

That's what today is.  Truthfully I didn't know that until I read it this morning on Holly's blog.  I encourage anyone who is considering adoption to consider adopting an HIV+ child.  It is not as scary as it sounds and those with HIV can and do live long full lives.

We hope to make a home for one of these children in the future.  Of course we have our fears and concerns.  But God is faithful and if this is something that He calls us to we will jump in with both feet!  (Yes, I do realize I cannot adopt all of the needy, HIV+, orphaned children of the world.  But I can sure try!)

Say a prayer for these kids tonight and click on the link below to make a difference.

Good night and God bless!

Food for Thought...

Today, 6,500 people will die as a result of AIDS.

6,000 of those people will leave behind children.

Those children will join the already 15 million children who have lost parents to this treatable disease.

2.3 million children are infected with HIV world-wide.

Most pediatric infection occurs in mother-to-child transmission - the virus infects while the immune system is immature,making it easy for the virus to disseminate through the body.

It is estimated that, without treatment, 50% of HIV+ children in resource-poor settings will die by the age of two.


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