Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a great weekend!

This weekend brings back so many good memories of our first moments with our sweet KJ.  It was one year ago yesterday, May 2nd, that we brought our boy home.  We had to wait seven days from finding out about our son to meeting him.  Those days were so difficult but so worth it.  I know that S needed those days to be assured of her decision and I know we needed those days to understand the pain of wanting something you couldn't have.

Here is our first family photo...
And KJ's first day home...

And to make things even better... A new family was formed this weekend by the miracle of adoption!   Melba  has a new member of her family.  Her little guy reminds me so much of KJ when we brought him home.  Hop on over and offer her and Mike your congrats!

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