Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving right along...

We have had a bit of a tumultuous time with our finalization.  Not because of anything involving birth parent challenges, or the like, but because we are from out-of-state (NY) and are finalizing in NC.  We are sort of the guinea pig case since they only began to accept out-of-state finalizations right around the time we were placed.    Then the judge wanted additional this and checked on that and  birthdad checked a box inadvertently and can you get that fixed, and on and on.

Well, praise be to God I just got word from our social worker in Raleigh that all our paperwork is in order now and we are in line to be finalized!  She said there are about fifteen in front of us so we should be done by the middle of next month.  Just the fact that finally everything is in order is worth celebrating!  We were hoping to be done by KJ's birthday which is this Thursday, but I guess we can wait a couple more weeks.

For you have given him his heart’s desire;
      you have withheld nothing he requested.
Psalm 21:2


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