Monday, April 27, 2009


Can you believe my boy is ONE? I sure can't!  Holy moly that went quick!

It was a year ago Friday that we first learned of our precious boys birth.  Just one day after he had already been born. It was a tumultuous and torturous seven days waiting to find out if we would be his parents or if he would stay with his first mama.  I'll never forget those feelings.  Not knowing how to feel.  Rejoicing at the possibility for us but mourning for the loss I knew his first mama would suffer if she placed.  I heard from our social worker daily about the anguish S was going through and eventually told her to stop updating me.  I needed time to soak it all in and process and severing ties to S at that time felt like I was giving her that space too (even though she did not know the social worker was calling me).  It was a crazy-amazing-sad-hopeful-nutty time, but oh-so worth it for this little guy.



Katie said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy. He is darling and I'm so happy that you are his mommy. You are a great mom and your all blessed to have each other. It is often sad to remember B-mom on our kids birthdays though isn't it?
Katie <><

Melba said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KJ, and happy MOMMY DAY, Andi! What a sweet boy, I am so happy for you!