Thursday, February 26, 2009

KJ loves Tigger! from Andi on Vimeo.

Easter dresses...

Why are the so many cutsie things for girls and hardly anything for boys? I got an email today from Gymboree - I LOVE their stuff - but the whole email was about Easter DRESSES. Bah! What about an Easter suit? An Easter tie? Easter shoes? ... You get me. I need cute things for my boy too! OK, no bonnet please, but a nice sweater would do.

So those with boys... or boys on the way! Have you found anything you like for Easter? Please share!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Call me crazy...

...well, if you haven't already! I am really ready to adopt again. I know, I am nuts. Our son is not even ten months old yet and I could easily take on another one. Maybe it is because I have received so many emails and messages within the last two months about situations that are "hard to place" and asking if we are ready again! I can't take it. My heart breaks.

I know that if finances were no object I could probably even convince Kevin to do it again tomorrow. KJ is the joy of our life and such an easy baby. He would make a great big (or little) brother! I know that when the time is right that we will jump right back in with both feet. God was so faithful to us on our last adoption journey that I expect no less from Him this next time around. As it stands right now we are hoping to begin the process again in the fall of this year. KJ will then be about 18 mos. old. Hopefully things will have smoothed out for us a bit in the money realm by then too. If not, I guess we just wait or go on faith!

We have already decided one thing, however. I refuse to answer anything on those nasty matching forms! I realize that it is not this way for everyone, but to me this is about the needs of a child, not my own needs or comfort. Of course we will decide each situation we are presented with after praying on it and discussing it. But we will do so with each situation individually and not on a sweeping level of "I would never consider a child with x,y or z." I just can't do that. Again, you can call me crazy... ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sorry for being MIA!

Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks. Time just flies and I don't even realize that I haven't posted. I have been posting a bit more on my other blog and almost forgot about poor KJ's blog! This is him last week. We had a few Valentine's Day/9 Month pictures taken. He did really well!

He has been changing so much lately. He is just 9.5 months and is about ready to take off walking. He went from crawling to pulling up and "cruising" around on the furniture in a matter of weeks. He can stand for a few seconds at a time and sometimes longer if he doesn't realize what he is doing!