Thursday, September 11, 2008

Old blog - New blog

So I was blogging about our adoption journey here but have admittedly let it fall by the wayside. I have started using blogger because I can link to other people's blogs more easily. This is sad because I actually like WordPress better, but hardly anyone uses it. (At least not the people I know!) So I wanted to import the old blog here - but of course I can't do that either!

So if you want to know what got us here - to our son - to Mr. KJ. Read the former blog. I will probably put a link to it on the sidebar at some point too.

Update on the sick boy(AKA K.J. "King of the Castle"):

Kevin brought KJ back to the doctor this morning. He was supposed to have a vaccine (we do not give them on the absurd - stick your kid with ten needles and fill him with numerous dead diseases at once - CDC schedule) this morning but instead ended up having a "sick visit" with the pedi. We love her, btw. She is so nice and helpful and doesn't treat us like idiots. She says he indeed has some sort of tummy virus and will get over it in time. He is now on soy formula because the enzymes he needs to break down the milk proteins are being "flushed out" due to his illness (I won't go into detail here...). So his poor little tummy was getting more upset by the milk-based formula he was on. So as to not have a repeat of the other night I went to BRU today and stocked up on some soy formula!

KJ is just his normal happy self still - sleeping a bit more - but other than that just a chipper fellow.


Gayle923 said...

I sure miss that chubby little guy - hope he feels better soon!

SGT Sunshine said...

Hey Andi!

Poor baby...I hope he's better soon.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! How in the world did you get that background on there? I am so illiterate when it comes to stuff like that? Any easy suggestions?

Blessings dear sister! BTW, are you sure you don't want to join me on this next adoption journey and bring home some Ugandan orphans together? =)