Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First tustle with sickness...

Poor KJ isn't feeling so hot. He has some sort of stomach bug that is giving him unsightly diarreah. I called the pediatrician this afternoon and she told us to stop his regular formula and give him only Pedialyte. What a night thus far. Thank GOD in heaven that my baby is so calm most of the time. LOL It isn't really him that has been the problem - it's the darn Pedialyte, etc.! First I don't leave work until almost 7. Run to Target to get the Pedialyte and more bananas. Then home. I get KJ ready for bed about to pee myself the whole time because I haven't even taken the time to go to the bathroom. He is fussy because he is so tired from basically pooping the life out of himself all day (sorry if TMI). So then we try the Pedialyte. HE HATES IT! LOL He then gets more fussy because this is not what he is used to! So I have to call the on-call nurse from my pediatricians office. She first suggests just giving him his regular formula. Better that than being dehydrated. So then she asks does he have mucus or blood in his stool (sorry TMI again) - yes he did! Uh oh! Well then DON'T give him the regular formula - milk protein problems or something. WHAT?!?! I have no soy formula. We live in the middle of no-CVS and you're-lucky-if-you-don't-hit-a-deer-today-ville. So off I go to CVS in Suffern about 15 mins away. WalMart is a little closer but I have $5 extra bucks at CVS so off I went. Home again. KJ is asleep. He basically passed out without eating because he was so tired. :( So now we are on soy and let's hope he'll eat it! BAH! Pray for my poor boy!

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Becca said...

Have you tried the pedialyte pops? They're just the pedialyte but frozen in pop form. Jonah hated the drink, but tolerated the pops.
they both have a yucky salty flavor. Poor KJ. Is he feeling better now?